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Stop Home ForeclosureStop and Read this Loan Modification Book Before You: Foreclose, Short Sale or Deed in Lieu, Take Your Banks Offer or Solution, and/or Pay a Modification Company. Your Have Options! Don't Lose Your House
Loan Modification Made Simple Gives You and Your Family the Freedom you DeserveFree Yourself from a Suffocating Hight Interest Rate Mortgages! Learn How to Negotiate with Your Lender to Keep Your Home and Save Your Family!!! Kick your rising payments and late fees away. Free yourself by learning how to negotiate your loan terms with your lender so you can save your home and family.
Prevent Foreclosure with the Loan Modification Made Simple GuideThis Loan Modification Book will walk you step by step on how to: Modify Your Own Loan, Reduce Your Monthly Payments, Eliminate Your Past Due Balance, Lower Your Rate and Principal

Obama's Home Affordable Program:

We have just added a whole NEW SECTION to our book about Obama's Home Affordable Program.

Take advantage of this program before it is too late. You have only one shot at this program. Banks are only required to accept one application for the HAM Program per loan. Therefore, if you are not prepared and make one mistake, the banks can deny you and move you into an application for a traditional modification.

This kit includes every tool you will need to understand the Home Affordable Modification Program in order to get your loan modified.

New! Take a look at the "Table of Contents". See Section 9 added June 30, 2009
Free Loan Modification Made Simple eBook Sample and Lenders Tips
Home Affordable Loan Modification Program Guidelines

Attention Troubled Homeowners:

Chances are good that if you are behind on your mortgage your bank will be contacting you requesting financial information in order to determine if you are eligible for a loan modification or workout.


Banks and investors look for borrowers who fit their specific income vs. expense criteria. If you provide them with required information and fill out loss mitigation documents/forms without educating yourself, you are crippling your chances of drastically lowering your payments and/or saving your home. Loan Modification Made Simple tool kit will teach you how to reply to the banks so that you have the best chance for a top notch modification. We know what banks look for. If you make too much money, the bank will not lower your payment. If you do not make enough money, they will force you out of your home. This small investment will save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

Example Savings: $300,000 loan, 30 Year Amortization, Principal and Interest Payments
6% = $1,798.00 per month
5% = $1,610.00 per month
4% = $1,432.00 per month
Difference from 6% to 4% : $366.00 per month
5 Year Savings:$21,960.00

Want the LOWEST payment possible?

Identifying Federal Predatory Lending Violations in your loan documents is the only way to force your lender into giving you the best possible loan modification. RESPA and TILA violations are enforceable in every state! If you include an identified predatory lending violation with your loan modification proposal, you now have the upper-hand in the negotiations and can get an amazing modification.

Find Out Why...
"The current economic climate in the U.S. and the world only calls into sharper focus the plight of the homeowner facing foreclosure. This book now becomes required reading by virtually millions of men and women who have done nothing wrong, but was nevertheless are in imminent danger of losing their most valued possession their home!

Perhaps the trillion dollar bailout will work, perhaps not. In any case read this book carefully and often. It has the power to help you save your home, your savings and, in same sense, your way of life".

Bill Kelly
Former Head Editor
Associated Press - New York

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$500.00 Forensic Loan Review

  1. Add Legal Power to your Loan Modification Package
  2. Our attorneys will perform a Forensic Loan Review seeking out predatory lending violations.
  3. Violations can result in the ability to litigate if you are not satisfied with your modification results.
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